My name is Epp Hütt. I live in Tartu and I'm a complete dog person. I got my first dog after endless waiting and influencing my parents at the age of 12. It was a mongrel called Muki. He was as big as a dachshund. 8 happy years followed and it made me see that life without a dog is impossible.

First pure-breed dog was from Russia. It was a rottweiler Adana Ritch Criff who came our family many years later. After that we joined Tartu's dogclub. But Criff didn't become a show dog because of incorrect bite. In 1999 me and my youngest son came to a decision that one dog in a family is good, but two dogs would be better. We wanted a dog who would be smaller than a rottweiler. We didn't know which breed to choose: French bulldog or pug. To make the final decision we drove to Tallinn to meet exponents of both breeds. First we visited ms. Sirje Karo and her pug Lonni, who was pregnant. And that moment we knew, that we wanted a pug and only a pug. It was love at first sight and we haven't regret it ever since.

Kennel FLINTSTYLE was confirmed 2004. Decision to make our own kennel was a considered ruling. Hesitations, preparations and making goals lasted for almost 5 years. Our aim isn't a numerous kennel or producing a massive number of puppies, it is rather a little cosy kennel where dogs live as a family and all the puppies who left the kennel get a decent nursery (room) and love from the first moment. Hereby I must thank my family, who are by my side in good and bad times, kennel Golden Mean where our first pug is from, kennels from Finland called Troppola and Röllimajan where I got every kind of help and support.